Code of Ethics and Conduct


We strive to create lasting value for all our stakeholders – including customers, employees, shareholders, and society. TA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct supports this mission. It serves as a guide for making ethical business choices, thus creating a culture of self-compliance and professional excellence.



TA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct embodies the following core values:



We are transparent in our dealings and steer clear of all forms of bribery and corruption.


We strive to maintain a fair and equitable workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

No conflict of business

We are vigilant to protect TA’s assets and prevent any conduct that may jeopardise its interests.


We strive to comply with applicable policies, procedures, and laws wherever we do business.


We evaluate employees based on their abilities and contributions and reward them accordingly.

Due care

We exercise great care to make business decisions on an informed basis and in good faith.




We expect all employees at every level of the company to uphold the Code. This means employees must:


  1. Read, understand, and comply with the Code;
  2. Seek help from supervisor or management when questions regarding the Code or ethical dilemmas arise;
  3. Speak up when you suspect misconduct through dedicated whistleblowing channel;
  4. Be truthful and fully cooperative during investigations and audits.


Violating TA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct will result in disciplinary actions, including termination of employment and civil or criminal consequences. Retaliation against any individuals who raise concerns will not be tolerated.

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